Why having a purpose in life makes you happy


I've never met anybody that was happy that wasn't moving toward something. Part of being human is wanting good emotions and wanting to be happy. You can't really be happy unless you have these two things. You have a optimal level of health and you are moving toward something that makes you happy. Gratification and good health are the keys to a good quality of life. It's sad to me that so many people go to a job that they don't like and work for hours then go home and watch tons of television without ever moving toward something that makes them happy. I think having hobbies can really help people but I also think there's more inspiring things that people can move towards. People starting their own businesses or people trying to improve their health through diet and exercise. These are things that we strive towards and when were successful with this it can be quite gratifying. I think part of being human is having purpose and by moving towards improving your health. Your also improving the quality of your life. When you have purpose you feel like there's a reason to live your life. Before we have all these employment opportunities or hobbies that we could do. Our primary purpose was to hunt and kill animals in order to live. I think that tribally with aboriginals there may have been certain positions that certain people were in that gave them a certain purpose. There may be certain elders which gave wisdom to the younger people. There may have been other people that were just hunters while other people would just protect the village. There are many placements back then that people had that gave them purpose. People now only have one purpose usually which is their job. If they hate their jobs then they're probably not happy. I know someone who's really unhappy with his job. Hot yoga is something that allows him to challenge himself and strive to perform better. This is what makes him happy. He may have a lot of ups and downs with this but he does improve with time. There are a lot of ups and downs when it comes to success and the downs can be debilitating at times but it's worth it for the highs. Before I had some type of purpose like weight training or running my life felt very empty. I felt like I wasn't challenged and the only thing to do was go to school and do well in school and that was it. This seemed really boring to me and empty. When I started to get involved in exercising and more strict dieting. I really felt happier because I was moving toward something that was going to improve my quality of life. I think that people need to be more exposed to activities that allow them to be challenged. If you're not challenged then your bored. Many people have problems where they struggle with boredom but a lot of their boredom is caused by lack of challenge in their life. We may not like challenges initially and not what to do the work ultimately if we didn't have the challenges in our life were probably not really excited for life.

In closing, I really think that purpose helps people to really allow themselves to go for what they want and have something to shoot for. If are only challenge in life is to go to work and then we get to watch hours of television mindlessly then were not really living life at least to me. Were just wasting our life away when we really could be really enjoying our life. Being challenged is part of what makes life exciting. There's no challenges then there's no excitement. I still to this day have not met anybody that was happy that was moving towards something. I very rarely see people that are happy that aren't moving toward and I sometimes wonder if they are truly happy because they probably feel a little empty without some type of purpose. Having a purpose gives us drive. it gives us motivation. It gives us something to move towards. I think having a purpose is what makes you human.